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Peace people, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at the Canteen Last week, great energy from the people!, Now very much looking forward to perform this Saturday the 10th of June at the Three horseshoes in Bradford on Avon, I have another treat for you, We will be supported by Sedated society, They’ll be groove going on from the beginning to the end!, I look forward to see you you there. follow the details through these links bellow..



Peace people,

Hope you’ve all been well,

It’s nearly to the get back on stage, come this Friday June 2nd you can check us out performing at the Canteen in Bristol, last time we played there we had a great time, So if your in Bristol this Friday come through & bring your friends.


Peace people,

If your in Bristol Next bank Holiday Sunday the 30th, We will be back performing at Mr Wolfs , Come on through!, I look forward to get those speakers pumping!. Also if your interested on the other dates on the poster we’d love to see you in those other buildings too, Always going to give you a unique experience each time.

hope you all have a productive & successful new week. Blessings.


Instagram: @vonjlive

for those who followed up with the previous news, Now I am happy to announce the rescheduled Date for the show at thunderbolts to be held there on March 29th, with support from Esperanto, Gravitate , & A Paranoid King We look forward to see you then. Doors from 7pm that Wednesday.

for further details check out.

peace & blessings

Been grand seeing you follow us through the shows through winter here, Now on to the Spring events, Up next Headlining Thunderbolt in Bristol on March 16th, You don’t want to miss the action there that evening, Bring your friends through. Links bellow for details. Peace


Peace people, Remember this week on Thursday the 9th we will be performing at the Canteen in Bristol, We last performed there pre lockdown back in 2019 & enjoyed the venue, So we are excited to return back after a while. We will be starting from 9:30pm, Free entry. Looking forward to see you there. Blessings. Vonj

Peace people,

Firstly for everyone reading this I hope you have all shared a happy Christmas holiday with your loved ones, & have been able to recharge ready for the new year.

They’ll be a few interesting things I’m planning on my side of which will continue revealing as they happen. First event to kick start the year off will be a show next week at the Jam Jar Bristol on January 4th, The flyer for this event has changed since the previous, Now supporting us will be Stoneface, One of my favourite regulars round my studio @Cave Music Studios in Bath, This will be a groove based night, & we will be happy to see you in the building & celebrate the dawn of 2023 with us.

otherwise wishing you all a blessed week toward the cusp of 2022!



Peace people, we have now done our last show for 2022, Now very excited to get back on stage in the new year, Beginning the first gig of the year on January 4th at the Jam Jar in Bristol, Looking forward to take things to the next level come 2023!

event details can be found at

please share this with a friend, hope to see you in the building.



Peace people, Was really enjoyable playing at the Thunderbolt earlier this week, Happy seeing both new & familiar faces pull up to the venue, & enjoyed all the bands with us that night! brought great vibes.

Now looking forward to the new event will be holding next week December 9th, performing at the Bristol Stable, playing a full set!, Will appreciate if your able to come support us that night. hope to see you next week.



Peace people, Was grand being able to make & play Mr wolf’s this week on such short notice, Now looking forward for the next show at the Thunderbolt in Bristol come November 30th!, Here’s the link bellow for further details,

Hope to see you there. Blessings. Vonj

Peace People, This Thursday November 10th will be performing at Mr Wolf’s Bristol, be good to return back to one of my favourite venues, Who will be joining us? Looking forward to get the speakers pumping!

Doors from 9pm!. click link bellow for further details..

Blessings. Vonj

Peace people,

Here is one for your diaries, come join us as we headline @thethunderboltbristol November 30th,

for tickets & further information, go through

We are looking forward to seeing you there then. Peace. Vonj

Peace people,

We are now only days away from the next show, in case some of you don’t know we will be playing live at the Crofters rights in Bristol this Saturday, 1st of October, the events only keep getting better, so you certainly won’t want to miss this line up! We have support from: Big smile revival, Awakening savannah, & Blue eyed crows, You are guaranteed to be in for an entertaining experience. Doors 7pm, hope to see you there.

Peace people,

For those who were going to turn up to the Zed Alley to see us next week unfortunately we have had to postpone this event to October 20th. Found out recently the venue organisers made a big error & double booked the venue! We were all looking forward to this one! But now moving forward to be there October 20th, Still the same support from Sunshine blues Band!. here is the headfirst short link

for updates keep up with



Peace people,

Peace People, as you may have noticed I took down the original event for the crofters rights Gig, Now this event has had to be shifted to October 1st!, This was due to renovations taking place in the venue running through September.

The good news is that the line up will still remain the same!, Supporting us will be: @big smile revival, @ awakening savannah & @theblueeyedcrows. The poster says it all, Will appreciate if you could share this to a friend, & we hope to see you in the building then.



Peace people,

Grand to make the debut at The bell back bar last weekend, Thanks to Land Captains & sunshine blues band for their top performances!, Was abit of an interesting one through our set, Went through multiple technical issues, but we just had to smile & play through this he-he.

Now we are on to the next event, Will be back in Bristol September 17th live at Zed Alley, With support once again from Sunshine Blues band, If you’ve already been through some of my events you already know this is going to be another special night for music, Hope to see yall then. Look out for updates.

Otherwise I hope everyone reading this is set for a productive week.


Peace people…Hope everyone has been keeping well through the week, This post is geared to those who are curious about my event on August 5th!, If you live in Bath & you’ve been in town this morning you’ll have likely seen the event posters around a few spots, This will be a great night for LIVE MUSIC, I’m bringing grand bands through, Land Captains/Sunshine blues band. Need to see both familiar & new faces in the venue this Friday. Doors 7:30pm.

Blessings. Vonj

Next Friday July 22nd we have been invited back to perform at Mr Wolfs in Bristol, After the success of our previous show there last time I am certainly looking forward to the return, This time we will be supporting The Guy Calhoun band-, so if your local that evening & want a great time out look no further, We will love to see you there. ADV Tickets £4, some details can be viewed through this link

will keep yall updated.



12/07/22, Peace People, Hope every one is keeping well, I have an exciting date for you guys,

On the 5th of August we will be playing at the Bell Back bar, Supported by 2 great groups, Land captains,

Sunshine blues band

  • Instagram @sunshinebluesband

So you certainly wont want to miss this event! Doors from 7:30pm, Tickets are £3

If your in Bath July 2nd here is an evening you don’t want to miss, Setting up a show at the St James wine vaults, with support from ‘Speakers of the house’ & ‘The Journey-Man’.

See you at the venue.

Next Friday; June 3rd will be performing at the Exchange in Bristol. I have put together some grand bands for the evening big smile revival & Air miles, Who’s up for coming through that evening?

For Tickets go through

After a good practise run through some of the songs at Cave Music Studios tonight we are very much looking forward to the next gig tomorrow May 20th at Komedia Bath, Show begins from 2pm, hope to see you guys there! Blessings.

Peace people! We are now set to perform Mr. Wolf’s Bristol May 14th!, Very much looking forward to see you all in the building!, will appreciate if you share this event with a friend. Blessings. Vonj

Peace people,

I hope everyone has been doing positively well through life?

My posting on all my platforms has not been frequent, However I have been working real hard on what I call my ‘foundation years’, already established my philosophy a while ago, Since then my journey has been all about putting my thoughts into practice. I take each day as a learning experience, whatever I did yesterday I make a duty to improve on it today, whether it being my interactions with family & friends, my craft within music, dealings in business etc, but more on this on another post..

The time has finally come to begin to start doing shows!, As some of you know the last time I performed was December 2019, I had Gigs booked all through out the summer of 2020, But all that got wiped off, ‘we all know & felt what happened’, Now this could have broken me down, someone like me who has a great passion for music & live performance, But through those hard months I put my energy into building my studio, ‘Cave music studios’ in Bath, I can tell you my biggest reward has been seeing musicians come in the studio to rehearse & record & leaving the space with smiles on their faces, This has kept me grounded, & I remain really grateful to everyone who has supported me & the studio thus far.

With regards to the band members, Just like some of you it has not been easy through the pandemic, but somehow even through these 2 years we have managed to stick together, Only addition to the group since 2019 is Alex Alderson on Keyboards, who has brought a good balance to the overall sound, I refer you to the to read more about him.

We are looking forward to start playing live as a group, Currently Scheduled to headline a few events starting close to home..

Beginning on…

May 20th @Komedia ‘electric bar’ Bath

June 3rd @The Exchange – Bristol

July 2nd @St James wine vaults – Bath

August 5th @Bell back bar – Bath

September 17th @Zed alley – Bristol

To book the band please contact me on..

Time has been over due for some live music! Hope to see you guy’s in these venues, Will be posting details for each event soon.

Otherwise I wish everyone a positively progressive day.

Peace & Blessings.



20/03/20 Peace people,
I know people are aware on our gig cancellations due to “you know what”…
But we are very much looking forward to perform right once these music venues open their doors.

Meantime yall should know I am preparing to launch a studio in Bath, “Cave music studios”, Will provide affordable space for aspiring musicians.
so keep an eye out on the websites

please add and like the cave music studios social media pages,

No matter what let us ALL not be “destructed” from fulfilling our visions this year.
Wishing everyone mega blessings!.

Will keep you all updated on the progressions.



Refer to the news tab to follow up on the poster bellow..

no 1 harbourside dec 21st
Peace people, We enjoyed playing Mr wolfs this previous weekend, We’ll be back there in the new year!, Now we look forward to performing this coming weekend December 21st @ No.1 Harbourside, This should be a great night, If your in Bristol then yall have to come through hear us perform a full set. Stay tuned for further news. Peace – Vonj


Peace people, We hope to see you at the party tomorrow at Mr Wolfs Bristol (December 14th), This show is guaranteed to groove!, Will also be launching the new E.P then, Would love you to be first to grab a copy at the venue, Here is the direct Facebook link to the event.

Stay tuned for new updates. Peace – Vonj

Greetings people,
A few latest events to announce before the end of this year, On this day let’s focus on December 9th!, We will be back playing at the Fleece – Bristol, We’d love to see you there, Come through from 6.30pm, Get ready to groove with the music.

Here is the direct link for the event,

stay tuned for updates in the week Via;



Coming up October 3rd, We will be back @ the Blue Lagoon Bristol, Performing for the full night this time!, We are looking forward to our return, If you want a buzzing night out for live music you gotta come check us out that night!. Peace -Vonj

blue lagoon bristol october

Next week August 29th we will be playing live at the Canteen in Bristol, This will be our first time in this venue, It’s going to be special show!, We look forward to see yall there then. Peace – Vonj

05/08/19, We are looking forward to returning back to perform @ The Pig & fiddle in Bath August 15th!, If your in Bath next week on Thursday? You don’t want to miss this party!. Stay tuned for updates. Peace – Vonj


02/08/19. Peace people!, – Next week on August the 9th we will be back in Bristol performing a full night at No.1 Harbourside, This night is gonna groove!, So yall need to be there if your in the area – more updates on this event coming closer to the time. Peace – Vonj –

no 1 harbourside bristol flyer.jpg

18/07/19. Peace people!, Next week on July 26th we will be headlining an event in Bath @ St James wine vaults, I have put together some quality bands for the night!, including; Awakening savannah, Liip, & Second hand arms dealer, We would love to see you there then, it’s going to be a lively night of which you would not want to miss! look out for further updates. Peace – Vonj

ST JAMES 26th July

04/07/19This Saturday July the 6th we will be making our return to Mr Wolfs in Bristol, we have been anticipating to playing this event for some time, so if your in the area and want to have some fun, come to this party!


Got some new shows listed for ya’ll. If your in the Southwest on those dates ya’ll don’t want to miss these events. Keep a look out for the details coming soon, Peace – Vonj.


Peace people!, April 3rd we will be performing at the Blue lagoon in #Bristol, this will be a great night!, if you are in the area you don’t want to miss this event! Vonj. More updates coming through soon.

blue lagoon bristol

On the 11th of April will be back in Bath playing live @ the Pig & Fiddle! This nights gonna groove!, we’d love to see ya’ll come through then. Peace – Vonj

pig & fiddle


We are very much anticipating headlining this event on the 15th of February at the st james wine vaults Bath, We have some good bands supporting us, this should make for a great Friday night out. You don’t want to miss this one!


We are happy to be returning back to the Fleece headlining another show on the 10th February!. We are all itching to play this one, if your in Bristol we want to see you in the building, bring your friends along. Peace. Vonj

2019 fleece

We will be opening the new year LIVE on the 5th of January at Mr wolfs in Bristol!,we want to see you there, This night will definitely be worth attending! come join us on our journey

mr wolfs


Peace family!, We will be headlining an event @ THE FLEECE in Bristol on the 8th of October!, Doors open at 7pm!, We would love to see you in the building that night!. Vonj


vonj band tickets

Image result for THE FLEECE BRISTOL

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