20/03/20 Peace people,
I know people are aware on our gig cancellations due to you know what..,
But we are very much looking forward to perform right once these music venues open their doors.

Meantime yall should know I am preparing to launch a studio in Bath, “Cave music studios”, Will provide affordable space for aspiring musicians.
so keep an eye out on the websites

please add and like the cave music studios social media pages,

No matter what let us ALL not be “destructed” from fulfilling our visions this year.
Wishing everyone mega blessings!.

Will keep you all updated on the progressions.



13/02/20. Peace People; hope everyone is well this year. We are beginning to line up shows for the rest of the year;

Looking forward to fit in some new music to the set on the upcoming shows. As the gig list keeps building will keep updating you so you never miss a date. The current list contains our current headline events; A chance to hear at least 1 and a half hours of material.

In addition we really appreciate your support with the Unity is power E.p, Keep downloading through….

Peace & blessings. Vonj


22/01/20. I thank Gwen Waggoner from Skope Mag for his review on Unity is power EP, The article can read by following this link bellow. Peace. Vonj

Vonj releases “Unity Is Power”


19/01/20. Peace to Bethany Page from Vents magazine for reviewing Unity is Power, You can have a read right here


16/01/2020. Cheers to Jamie Morse from bandblurb for reviewing Unity is power; you can check it out here;

14/01/2020. Peace People,
hope your year has began on a positive note!!,
This is looking to be a thoroughly productive year for me, There’s a lot of work ahead of which I aim to execute to my best abilities. Will keep you all updated with the new gigs;.

We thank those whom have supported the Unity is power E.p, Here’s a couple of direct  links to the E.p, Hope yall continue to enjoy the music…

Peace – Vonj

21/12/19. Tonight is gonna groove at No. 1 Harbourside – Bristol, The show begins from 11pm, & at the end I have the new E.p for you!. Peace – Vonj.

14/12/19. Peace people, First I would like to thank you all for all the kind birthday wishes, I feel the love!. I’m now happy & proud to announce the launch of  “Unity is power” E.p, I’m looking forward for this to be heard all around, Come get your copy if your at the show at Mr wolfs tonight!, later on I’ll post up links where you can download the music online.

peace & blessings. Vonj


10/12/19, Enjoyed returning back to perform the Fleece last night!, For those who missed it will be performing this coming Saturday the 14th at Mr wolfs – Bristol, This will be a special night as will also be looking to launch the new E.P there then!. Will keep you detailed on these next events. Wishing yall a great week!.

Peace. Vonj

09/12/19. Remember If your in Bristol this evening, Come to the Fleece, We are all looking forward to performing tonight, Hope to see yall later!. Peace – Vonj

vonj at cms entrance.jpg

04/11/19 Peace people, got some exciting gigs coming in December,

9th of December will be performing at the Fleece Bristol, it’s gonna be a fiery set!,

on my birthday December 14th will be doing a show @ Mr wolfs Bristol,  as well as launching a new E.p. It’s gonna be a real party that night!,

21st of December will be back @ No.1 harbourside Bristol for a full on 2 hour show.

also I’ll be officially opening the studio to the public in the new year, Will keep yall updated on this project.

Details on each event will be posted soon..

Much love – Vonj

06/10/19. Peace people, We had a grand time playing the blue lagoon – Bristol!, Thanks to those who gave out  the energy, We loved this!, Looking forward to the next Bristol gig!, Will get some new dates through to yall next week.

Peace – Vonj.


Peace people, Been working on a few good things behind the scene’s this year, I look forward to putting some of the works out & making things official before the end of this year, Keep a look out for updates on the websites.

Meantime remember if your in Bristol this Thursday we are playing LIVE at the Blue Lagoon, It’s going to groove & will need your energy!

hope yall enjoy the rest of your week.

Peace – Vonj


Had a real good time performing at the Canteen, Thanks to the people there. Will be back at the canteen soon!. Next date in Bristol to look for is September 15th, Where we will be playing @ The Mothers ruin.

Peace – Vonj


We had a grand time playing the Pig & fiddle, Will keep yall informed next time we play Bath. Now looking forward to our next show at the Canteen – Bristol August the 29th!. Look out for the official flyers. Peace – Vonj

11/08/19 We had a lot of fun grooving at No.1 harbourside in Bristol this weekend!, Will be back there soon!.

Now very much looking forward to the next show this coming Thursday the 15th, when we hit the pig and fiddle in Bath. come through then from 9pm!


08/08/19 Tomorrow It’s going down at No.1 harbourside – Bristol!. Will start our show from 11pm – It’s gonna groove!, see yall there!. Vonj


27/07/19 We had fun playing st james wine vaults last night!, I especially would like to thank the bands that made it to the event!.

we are now looking forward to the next show in a few days, will keep yall updated. Peace. Vonj


07/07/19 I would like to thank those who came to watch us live last night at Mr wolfs – Bristol, we had a great night!!, Much love to those who got the T-shirts!. We have a few gigs lined up in Bristol this summer, we hope to see you there soon, Peace. Vonj

12/04/19 We had fun playing our 2nd event in Bath last night!, here’s a short video clip I just uploaded,

we have a few new gigs coming soon of which I’ll update ya’ll with this weekend. stay tuned. Peace – Vonj.

Peace people, we are very much looking forward to the next upcoming events, of which the closest will be held at the Blue lagoon April 3rd in Bristol & The pig & fiddle April 11th in Bath, The flyers are already out in the streets!. I shall now have some T’shirts for you only available at our shows. we hope to see you soon!. Peace & Blessings to ya’ll! – Vonj

vonj t shirts

15/02/2019 If your in Bath tonight & wondering where to go out, look no further!, come to St James Wine Vaults!, We are playing our First event in Bath, & supported by some solid bands!, we want to see you there,  doors open from 7.30pm!


13/02/2019 For the Bath folks you should be seeing this flyer floating about in the streets, Come through the St james wine vaults this friday the 15th & show your support for original live music! – Vonj


11/02/2019: Was good to tear it up on stage last night!, Now we turn to the next Live chapter this Friday the 15th @ the St James wine vaults Bath!, Come groove with us there. Peace – Vonj


9/02/2019 Peace people!, We are charged up & ready to play The Fleece in Bristol tomorrow evening!, This should be an electric night!, & we sure hope to see ya’ll grooving to the music then!. The doors will be opening at 6.30pm!. Vonj


06/01/2019 I’d like to thank those that came to Mr Wolfs in Bristol last night to see the shows. We had alot of fun playing there, Shout out to Cuba Libre!, & giving it up to the people giving out great party vibes!! will be back there soon!. Peace. Vonj


Peace people, The times are counting down to our concert tomorrow. Its going to be a good one!, & we certainly won’t want you to miss it!

mr wolfs